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BLS Home Page
This is the home page of BLServices -
I am creating this initially as an experiment to provide an easy reference for myself to find various links of interest and display a few photos. It is a test to see how the Microsoft Online web service works.
I am going to start by adding photos and links, then go through the various tools offered in the "edit your webpage" dialog portal.

This site shows the types of things I have been experimenting with. I will be starting with links and pictures. 
For example, I had problems getting the pictures the right size. I resized them using MS Office Picture Manager, to the smallest size offered as a standard format (email small) which is about 160 x 160 pixels. Then I didn't always see how the size I had chosen was shown on the website. Then I found out that the "optimize image" checkbox had its own ideas about what was "optimum" - and that when I turned it off, the size I had created was in fact displayed. 
 This is an 80 x 80 pixel version.

This worked fine. I turned off the "optimize my image" checkbox. Image is "float right"
Here is a photo of the Oasis, Marsa Alam  This time once again without "optimize" checkbox to achieve the right size. Otherwise the "optimizer" changes the size of the photo to fit the zone borders.  Image is "float left".
I wlll be in Curacao from January 8 through January 29th.
 And this is the bottom of the home page